Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remember Oreo?

Remember Allie's birthday present? The cat she has begged three years for?
Well Allie definitely has enjoyed her... Poor little kitty cat.
Here she is being dressed up and paraded around like a Beverly Hills Feline.

When we went on vacation a few weeks ago the Waterers kindly agreed to watch her for us.  They are cat lovers so I knew she would be in good hands.
Only Oreo had other plans.
She ran away....
But Candace, she is resourceful that one......
She went and found another Oreo look alike.  Almost identical to be exact.
And then Oreo came back two days later.

Meet Oreo, and her half brother Double Stuff.
Allie says good things come to those who wait and she now has two kitty cats.

Double Stuff settled in nicely if I have to say so myself.....
My theory was that Oreo needed someone to help her out when the 9 girls on the street all want to dress her up and this was her plan to get some.

It didn't work though.... She is snuggled in tightly in her American Girl doll bed.

There is just one more problem though.....
the vet today told us that Oreo is a boy:) oops!!!!