Friday, August 17, 2012

Just a TINY IPhone Dump....

I have been a big 'ole slacker when it comes to having my camera with me lately. Well, not lately... pretty much for four months.  It is just too easy to use my phone.  But then that results in never taking the pictures off the phone which results in no blog.  And since I haven't ordered an actual picture for a photo album in over 2 years I have got to keep this blog up to prove to my children that I did, in fact, raise them... or attempt too anyway.
So here goes a big 'ole iphone dump of our summer!

A trip to the country to see my parents and cousins

Poor kid has no hope

Oldest grandchild and the youngest.

Then we headed to Orange Beach.  There wasn't room for another thing in our car.... literally.

When I apply sunscreen I get ADD

I think my middle child went on this trip; but I have no pictures to prove it:)

Ford's hat his grandparents brought him from Spain.  Doesn't everyone do this to their one year old?

Carley got this tshirt for Frank for a Fathers Day happy.  There has never been one shirt that screamed Frank like this one.

Then we came home for a week.  Did laundry.  Then headed to Rosemary with my crazy side of the family

My mom took the kids for bike rides at night.  Great pic here!

This picture sums Mary Elliott up.  Enough said.
I'm not exactly sure why Staten is out in public in 100 degree heat in flannel pajama pants.  But chances  are there was too much chaos to even notice.

Laundry has to carry on.... Even at the beach.  Thankfully it was cute laundry!

This is all we saw of Allie and Lexie the whole week.  They were little fish and collected over 200 sea shells.  There were no fights at all over who got to keep what shell.

Someone has to melt down during picture time

Amanda trying to get a Christmas card picture.  I wish this were a video to show what Frank was doing to try and get her kiddos to smile.  No actually I don't, then someone might call DHS and tell them we have a crazy man living with us

Then we came home again.  We have some sweet snuggle time on the front porch.... me and these sweet little feet

Mary Elliott fell down the stairs and came away with a shiner.  I tried to tell her to make up a good story to go with it but she wasn't interested in my jokes

Then baby boy said he has had enough of these girls

And a mosquito feasted on him

We celebrated Olympics in style.  The girls put Ford's baby powder on their hands to resemble the gymnasts chalk, wrapped their wrists and arms in paper towels and pulled out Franks old running medals.  We had a medal ceremony every night complete with tears for whomever got the silver

We had to bury a pet.  Lots and lots of tears while this picture was taken.  

Then this girl left for college and alot more tears were shed.
We LOVE Lizzy and will miss her afternoon visits everyday.

Then school started:(  
Why does school start basically 5 minutes after summer starts? I don't get it, I mean didn't we get three months growing up?
Ford and I talk to ourselves and the kitty cat because our house is so lonely.
So therefore I picked up a new hobby...

If you come to my house this winter I will most likely serve you spaghetti or chili or soup!

I'm embarrassed that the pickles are already gone.  They are SO good.

I am super sad summer is over.  I have had some sweet girls in and out of my house this summer.  And when they saw Lizzy's car here they flocked here.  All. Day. Long:)

So that is our summer summed up.
We are thankful for some sweet classes and look forward to a good school year; but it sure has been a good summer!